Jerry Can


A tough container made for camping, storage, rough use.  This stainless steel Jerry Can is specifically designed for water and other potable liquids.  We love this product and think you will, too.

18” X 13.5” X 7”


Jerry Can – Open Box Spigot Combo

Original price was: $368.00.Current price is: $269.00.

Save Over $100! We have a few open box jerry cans available. Some have minor scratches or dents but function normally and have our one year guarantee. This includes a spigot and shipping to the continental 48 states.

How are Dinuba Jerry Cans different from others I see online?  They look similar.  

There are many differences, and they all have a purpose. 

The Steel: 316 stainless steel is made to resist rust and corrosion and is typically used on saltwater gear and boats.   It is considerably more expensive than lower grade stainless steel but lasts much longer.  Thicker steel is also more durable and yields stronger welds.  Dinuba uses thicker, 316 grade steel.

Hygiene and Cleaning:  Folded or overlap welded seams cannot be properly cleaned.  The joints are not sealed and have microscopic valleys where mold, fungus and bacteria can thrive.  Smooth, polished joints can be cleaned and do not have these issues.  Cleaning inside the can is very difficult with a small opening.  The Dinuba wide mouth allows brushes access to all inner surfaces and can often be reached by hand.  

Dissimilar Metals:  The use of dissimilar metals in a liquid electrolyte (like water) creates a battery effect that causes corrosion.  It doesn’t matter if the can is filled with fuel or oil, but it certainly does if you are drinking the contents.  Mixing metals with jerry can fabrication is a bad idea.  

Does Water “Go Bad?”  Water doesn’t “go bad” with time.  It can be contaminated, however.  Therefore, you want to store your potable water in a container that minimizes the chances of biological contamination by molds, fungi, or bacteria.  Likewise, you want to avoid materials that deteriorate or release chemical biproducts that can disrupt normal hormonal or other biological systems with disastrous results.  This is the problem with many plastics.  

Dinuba’s Jerry Can

  • 316 stainless steel
  • 1 mm thick walls
  • Welded butt joints
  • Wide mouth lid
  • Spigot receptacle
  • All seams welded
  • All parts are stainless steel
  • Designed for potable liquids

Other Jerry Cans

  • 304 stainless steel
  • .5 to .7 mm thick walls
  • Folded or welded lap joints
  • Small lid, limited internal access
  • No receptacle
  • Some seams not welded and cannot be adequately cleaned
  • Some use dissimilar metal parts
  • Designed for fuel


Dinuba Water’s mission is to produce the highest quality, esthetically pleasing and eminently functional household items by the efficient use of recycled and renewable materials for a better life and a better world.



Dinuba’s classically designed Stainless Steel Water Containers offer convenient, lightweight water transport, as well as stylish countertop or refrigerator dispensers.

Manufactured from the hightest quality stainless steel and available in 15 and 25 liter sizes, these containers provide peace of mind to the many people who drink and store filtered water. No more questionable plastic bottles.

Stainless Steel is considered the safest storage option and is lightweight and easy to clean.

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