May 8, 2019  DINUBA WATER PRODUCT UPDATE:  Cylinder and Jerry Cans

We received the second prototypes for the Dinuba products and they really looked good.  We have one area still not perfect… our precision welds.  We are changing all the welds on our products to a special type of custom union because they are smooth and much easier to clean.  Because of this, and our commitment to the highest quality, we will not release an inferior product and will always strive to be the best in the market.  We are pushing for full NSF compliance out of the gate, and certification soon after.  However, due to the complexity of the new designs and precision fits, we have had problems producing the results we demand.  Therefore, we have brought in new machines and experts to fix the problem.  Our production team tells us we will have new prototypes shipping out by the end of May.  As we have previously stated, once the prototypes are approved, production begins.  We are now one year behind schedule and we apologize to all our loyal customers and truly appreciate your support and patience. 

Thank you for pushing us to keep Dinuba the standard in metal drinking containers!

– Dinuba Water

UPDATE:  The new laser welding is working great!  We should receive the new prototypes earlier than expected!


Dinuba Water’s mission is to produce the highest quality, esthetically pleasing and eminently functional household items by the efficient use of recycled and renewable materials for a better life and a better world.



Dinuba’s classically designed Stainless Steel Water Containers offer convenient, lightweight water transport, as well as stylish countertop or refrigerator dispensers.

Manufactured from the hightest quality stainless steel and available in 5, 10, 15, and 25 liter sizes, these containers provide peace of mind to the many people who drink and store filtered water. No more questionable plastic bottles.

Stainless Steel is considered the safest storage option and is lightweight and easy to clean.

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