June 10, 2022 Dinuba Water Update, Jerry Cans.

The manufacturing issues we struggled with appear to be resolved.  Much of the finish work on our jerry can is by hand, so our production will remain low but predictable.  The issue we have now is shipping.  We have shipped cans from the factory by air for the past six months in order to fill back-orders as fast as we could.  The price per can for air shipping now exceeds the retail cost of the can.  We cannot absorb that expense.  We are therefore switching to sea freight for all future factory shipments. The next shipment of jerry cans will arrive in August.  We will start accepting new orders once we have a more certain delivery date.  

Dinuba Water


Dinuba Water’s mission is to produce the highest quality, esthetically pleasing and eminently functional household items by the efficient use of recycled and renewable materials for a better life and a better world.

Email: info@dinubawater.com


Dinuba’s classically designed Stainless Steel Water Containers offer convenient, lightweight water transport, as well as stylish countertop or refrigerator dispensers.

Manufactured from the hightest quality stainless steel and available in 15 and 25 liter sizes, these containers provide peace of mind to the many people who drink and store filtered water. No more questionable plastic bottles.

Stainless Steel is considered the safest storage option and is lightweight and easy to clean.

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