Dinuba Water containers are made to hold water. Other containers that resemble Dinuba Water containers are not.

You may have seen olive oil fustis sold as water containers. Don’t be fooled. You are not receiving all the facts, because there is a huge difference between olive oil fustis and Dinuba Water Containers.

So, how are they different? It’s all about the difference between oil and water. Olive oil and other cooking oils are not corrosive and do not cause rust or deterioration of most metals. In fact, oils are often used to coat and protect metals from moisture. Therefore, lower quality metals and processes can be used to manufacture oil containers and their spigots. If these oil containers are filled with water, they will often corrode, rust, and leach surface contaminants from the untreated surface of the stainless steel into the water. The welded seams are especially susceptible to corrosion.

Dinuba Water containers go through the extra steps to make them suitable for holding, storing, and dispensing water. First, they are made from the highest quality Stainless Steel. But beyond that, the seams are machine welded in an inert atmosphere. This excludes Oxygen contamination from the weld and makes the welds much less prone to deterioration or rusting. In addition, Dinuba Water containers go through a process called “pickling.” Think of picking as a “super cleaning” of the stainless steel surface. Any contaminants that could leach into the water are removed, and the welded surfaces are cleaned of any burns, carbonization and debris from the welding process. As a result, the chances of metal failure and rusting are absolutely minimized. That is why we stand by our containers and offer the best warranty in the business. And, our spigots go through the same process. Others do not.

So, stick with Dinuba Water. We were the first to introduce this product to the world market, and we remain the best.