pouringDinuba Water is a company owned by a small group of Americans who grew up in the 1950’s and 60’s. We’ve seen a lot of changes during our lives: some have been incredibly good, while other were major disappointments. We all agree, however, that we really hate the downward trend we have seen for household products.

Today, many of the items you use every day are made as cheaply as possible, and frankly, they look and act the part. Some are little better than disposable quality. We don’t like this. We believe that even the most common items found in your home, items you use every day can and should enhance your life, but they should not waste resources. Your water container should be one of these items.

Your water container should look beautiful, be safe, clean and sanitary, and not be plastic. They are both stylish and functional. We have found that cheaper is not better, it’s just cheaper.

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