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A tough container made for camping, storage, rough use.  This stainless steel Jerry Can is specifically designed for water and other potable liquids.  We love this product and think you will, too.

18” X 13.5” X 7”

Cleaning Your Dinuba Water Jerry Can

Your new Dinuba Jerry Can is designed for use with potable liquids. However, it has come to you from the factory and needs to be cleaned inside before you use it.  Here are the instructions:

1. Mix 2 cups of baking soda in a gallon of warm water
2. Pour the soda water into the Dinuba Jerry Can
3. Fill the can with warm water
4. Shake the can to mix the water and soda thoroughly
5. Let sit 24 hours, but shake it occasionally if you can
6. Thoroughly rinse the next day with clean water

You are ready to go!

Expected Delivery: Mid to Late October

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1 review for Jerry Can

  1. Ronald Lynch (verified owner)

    Wow!! I’m seriously impressed with the Dinuba Jerry can. The design, materials, and workmanship are far better than even the European cans. The far fewer welds on Dinuba are beautiful and polished smooth. The Euro can handle has only a few tack welds, while the Dinuba can is weld across the entire width. The threaded filler neck has a 3 1/2” diameter, compared to 2” on the Euro can. The Dinuba has a pressure release made from 3/8” stainless slotted bolt with knurled flat top. The spigot is even nicer. The whole can is a work of art. I’m blown away how nice it is. Never thought a water can could turn heads, but when it’s loaded on the back of my Land Cruiser, people stop me on the trail to ask about it. It stands out. Love it ! Would buy again. Highly recommended.

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